Digital Confidence Announces MailValve EX 5.0

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (July 18, 2022) — Digital Confidence today announced the release of MailValve EX™ 5.0.

MailValve EX™ 5.0 incorporates the latest version of the DataDistiller™ Hidden Data Removal Engine, with support for Microsoft PowerPoint® Slide Show file (PPSX), improved removal of comments and tracked changes from Microsoft® Word documents, and a fix to a bug that affected the processing of some Microsoft PowerPoint® Presentation file. It also have an improved support for PDF documents, capable of removing Document Properties, XMP, Comments and Markups, and Deleted Objects from all versions of PDF, and includes new options to preserve some metadata elements in OpenDocument files, (Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Graphics) and some XMP metadata elements in PNG files.