Enforce An Organization-wide Hidden Data & Metadata Removal Policy With

MailValve GX™ 2.0

Server-Based Hidden Data & Metadata Removal Solution for Any SMTP Server

Released on September 9, 2015   


Supported Formats & Hidden Data

Key Features & Benefits

System Requirements
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A Law school in a New York-based university deployed MailValve GX™ to remove hidden data from the email attachments of its employes

Hidden Data FAQ
Learn about hidden data & metadata, the risks they pose, and how our products can remedy them

End-User License Agreement (EULA)

Uninstall Instructions

Required Hardware:

800 MHz processor
512 MB RAM
80 MB free disk space

Required Software:

Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows® 10 (with .NET Framework 3.5 enabled)
Windows® 8 (with .NET Framework 3.5 enabled)
Windows® 7
Windows Vista®
Windows® XP Service Pack 2
Windows Server® 2016 (with .NET Framework 3.5 enabled)
Windows Server® 2012 (with .NET Framework 3.5 enabled)
Windows Server® 2008
Windows Server® 2003
Windows® 2000 Service Pack 3