Store and Manage Your Passwords in a Secure and Convenient Way With

Sisma™ 5.4

Free & Easy-to-Use Password Manager for Windows

Released on August 1, 2023   


Using Sisma

Key Features & Benefits

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  • Secure - Sisma™ keeps your accounts details and passwords in a secure database that is encrypted with strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) cipher.
  • Easy to Use - Sisma™ has a very simple & straightforward user interface.
  • Password Generator - Sisma™ includes a strong random password generator which can generate alphanumeric or pronounceable passwords.
  • Password Reuse Warning - Sisma™ warn you when a password is reused across accounts.
  • Weak Password Warning - Sisma™ warn you when a weak password is chosen.
  • Password Expiration - Sisma™ allows you to specify expiration date for passwords and reminds you to change them when they expire.
  • Clipboard Clearance - Sisma™ employs advanced clipboard clearance mechanisms to minimize the risk of passwords left in the clipboard after you have used them.
  • Import & Export - Sisma™ can import accounts from other password managers, and export accounts to HTML, CSV, and XML.