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Independent reviews of ConfidentSend™.


Lawyers, especially, must be concerned about confidentiality of communications. ConfidentSend is an easy to use, inexpensive, and comprehensive, software solution to this problem.
-- Richard M. "Rick" Georges, FutureLawyer, March 30, 2009 (read the full review)


ConfidentSend™ is extremely easy to use. Upon the detection of any outgoing email, ConfidentSend™ will display a notification requiring the user to check the type of information to be scrubbed from the outgoing message. There is also the ability to automatically have each outgoing messaged scrubbed without the need to interact with a pop-up each time you send an email. This was definitely a feature that I could not have lived without. Imagine having to interact with a pop-up notification on each outgoing email! Hats off to the Digital Confidence team for including this understated feature.
-- Will Geer, JDhacker, June 22, 2009

ConfidentSend lets you quickly and easily remove the hidden data from your mail attachments and free yourself and your organization from the worry of unintentional sensitive data leakage through the hidden data stored in email attachments. A great tool, powerful, friendly, fast and reliable. Highly-recommended.
-- Editor, August 6, 2009

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