Remove Hidden Metadata From Multiple JPEG Picture Files With

BatchPurifier LITE™ 8.3

Free Batch JPEG Hidden Metadata Removal Software Tool for Windows

Released on November 6, 2023   


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Hidden Data FAQ
Learn about hidden data & metadata, the risks they pose, and how our products can remedy them

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  • Easy to Use
    BatchPurifier LITE™ has a very simple & straightforward wizard-like user interface, that guides the user through the steps required to easily remove hidden metadata from multiple picture files at once
  • Thorough
    BatchPurifier LITE™ can thoroughly remove all JPEG hidden metadata types, unlike the integral metadata remover of Windows 11 (see table below)
  • Fast
    BatchPurifier LITE™ can remove hidden metadata from hundreds of picture files within seconds
  • Image Quality Preservation
    BatchPurifier LITE™ removes metadata as an image quality lossless operation, while keeping the JPEG image intact and without degrading its quality
  • Shell Menu Integration
    BatchPurifier LITE™ integrates with the shell menu, enabling the user to easily send files and folders for purification directly from the file explorer

BatchPurifier LITE™ vs. Windows 11 Integral Metadata Remover
A comparison between the "Remove Properties and Personal Information"
feature of Windows 11 and BatchPurifier LITE™
   Windows 11   
   BatchPurifier LITE™   
Exif Data Removal


   GPS Data Removal
   Thumbnail Removal
   Camera & Lenses
   Serial Numbers Removal
XMP Data Removal


IPTC Data Removal


JPEG Comment Removal
Other Hidden Data Removal