Remove Hidden Data & Metadata From Your Attachments With

ConfidentSend™ 5.7

Data Leakage Prevention Add-on for Microsoft Outlook® and Mozilla Thunderbird™

Released on August 30, 2022   


Using ConfidentSend

Supported Formats & Hidden Data

Key Features & Benefits

System Requirements
14 day fully functional trial

$29 (lifetime license)

Lawyers, especially, must be concerned about confidentiality of communications. ConfidentSend™ is an easy to use, inexpensive, and comprehensive, software solution to this problem.
-- Richard M. "Rick" Georges, FutureLawyer 
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An Helsinki-based law firm deployed ConfidentSend™ on 180 computers to remove hidden data from the email attachments of its employes

Hidden Data FAQ
Learn about hidden data & metadata, the risks they pose, and how our products can remedy them

End-User License Agreement (EULA)

Uninstall Instructions

Required Hardware:

600 MHz processor
256 MB RAM
40 MB free disk space

Required Software:

Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows® 11
Windows® 10
Windows® 8
Windows® 7
Windows Vista® Service Pack 1
Windows® XP Service Pack 3
Windows Server® 2008
Windows Server® 2003 Service Pack 2

Supported Email Clients:

Microsoft Outlook® 365
Microsoft Outlook® 2021
Microsoft Outlook® 2019
Microsoft Outlook® 2016
Microsoft Outlook® 2013
Microsoft Outlook® 2010
Mozilla Thunderbird™ 60-68 (version 78 and above are not supported)